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We’re always improving, whether it’s plant nutrients, water use, or our gentle handling of each plant so that our customers reap the benefits.


We invest in our people, our facilities and the best equipment the industry has brought to the market & never compromise on anything it takes to produce strong, healthy plants.


Bold, beautiful colors come from whiter root systems, so we nestle each young plant in the ideal soil medium for its species and carefully nurture it from delicate sprout to a vibrant, energized garden-ready plant.

Blooma Farms is the premier wholesale plant nursery in Colorado, growing vibrant, bold, color-rich annuals, perennials and vegetables. Our innovative, premium quality varieties draw our customers back year after year. Contact us today to learn more about our beautifully brilliant wholesale bedding plants.

Blooma Farms is excited to present our new veggie offering called Home Harvest.  We’ve carefully selected the best vegetables to be grown in our region and put them in our larger 4½” pots to give your customers bigger garden success that results in higher yields during the fall harvest.

At Blooma, we take the extra time with all our fruits & vegetables to be grown naturally with quality nutrients, the best soil and our rock star grower team’s tender care. Our team sources the best seed in the market, sows the seed in-house and hand transplants each of our vegetable plants.  Plants are given the best local care until they are super-charged and ready for your retail market.  Your customers will see and taste the difference from the big-box veggies that are grown by the millions, and often trucked in from many states away.  And last but not least, the program comes with a great new tag to help it pop at your stores!  Many of you know the new garden stars that made the label, Mabel & Milo, they keep our team energized every day and are also very excited about this program! 

The Home Harvest vegetable program was designed to help ensure that your vegetable program is successful. We can provide point-of-sale displays to further drive your sales. To learn more about how the Home Harvest vegetable program can add to your garden center, contact us today at